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Needling cancer lesions on spine


My question is would needling lesions on the spine (from multiple myeloma) cause any part of it to dislodge and wreak havoc on the body? I am unsure about needling local jia ji points.



I’ve never heard of a style or type of practice that would put needles into the lesion itself. Using techniques like ‘surround the dragon’ or ‘capture the tiger’ - basically putting a few needles around but NOT in the lesion - should be fine. As far as I know there is no evidence whatsoever that acupuncture around a lesion/tumor would cause it to spread. Just to reiterate I very strongly urge you NOT to needle directly into any lesion/tumor/cyst etc.

As for the hua tuo jia ji points those are very commonly used in our protocols for cancer patients. For multiple myeloma you could try C7, T1, T4, T7 and GV 22 along with whatever other points you might use to treat whatever pattern(s) are present.

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