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Needle size for facial Acupuncture



I have 2 questions...

a) What is the best sized needle for facial acupucture?

b) All advice given from you Mr Dupuis, is it based on TCM or mixed a little with Western point of view as well?

Thank you


I don&#39t think there is a "best" size per se, but I think arguably, using thinner needles on the face is advantageous since there is less likelihood for bruising; plus, facial points can be a little more tender so a finer needle could help with patient comfort. Personally, I use .20 x 30 mm most of the time, but I have seen a great many practitioners use .18 and .16 mm diameter needles as well. And depending on the particular system of acupuncture, some will use specific gauges based on whether or not they want to tonify or reduce an area, but I cannot advise on any specifics with that.

Hope that helps.


For (b) I think you would have to be more specific on an exact statement of mine. But generally speaking I am a doctor of Chinese Medicine and I don&#39t place one system of medicine (east or west) any higher or lower than the other. That mixed with much common sense will generally drive most of my answers and approaches.


Thanks for the feedbaback...however arent those too long for the face? I mean...dont they just drop/lean i.e. Yintang location? I use 0.20 x 15mm and I dont find them very convenient. I tried searching for something shorter,but around here i dont have that many choices,and i m not even sure if they exist



I wasnt asking about a specific statement..I was just wondering :)

thank you,


Needle length really depends on what you are doing. I have seen some people use 15mm needles and some use 30mm length. If you are doing perpendicular insertion in areas with very little flesh, then a shorter needle will probably work better. However, if you are inserting transverse and with some depth, then 30mm should be fine.


KHT Needles are used for Korean Hand Acupuncture. They Come in a blister pack of 50 needles. Supplied as 2000 per box. 0.18mm guage x 8mm length. Also ideal for auricular and facial acupuncture. Is also very cost effective for facial revitalisation.

I find these needles good for cosmetic acupuncture.


15mm needles should be fine for the face. As thin as possible will reduce the risk of bruising. Always use the highest quality needles, too - I use seirin &#39J&#39 type, which I find excellent. Plastic handled (Japanese) needles are possible lighter than metal wound handle (Chinese) ones, so may droop less.


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