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Needle left in back


I have been seeing this acupuncturist for several years, last week felt great. I was there this week, she has me lay on my stomach and has needles in lower back, I have sciatia, then flips me over for another 45 mins. I am usually a bit sore, but I left and got home to find a needle still in my lower left side of back,and am very sore since,is this serious? I called her and she asked if there was any bleeding, there wasn’t. How long should I expect to have pain,the pain is where I was about 6 weeks ago,just hurts! thanks,


Well I&#39m sorry to hear that that happened to you. The pain is likely from nerve irritation from the needle being pushed in further than it should have been and/or from it being in while you were walking around. In general the nerve/deep tissue irritation wouldn&#39t be permanent but it can take 4 to possibly 15 weeks to heal (it&#39s generally quite slow to heal). Oddly perhaps, while you might not feel comfortable with this, acupuncture can be very useful to help issues like this heal. So if you are not opposed to it, I would go back to your practitioner (or a new one) and let them treat the area to get it to heal faster. Cupping in the area can be quite useful - so a practitioner that does cupping and, ideally, tuina massage (chinese medical massage) would be ideal.


thank you for your help,,,I know my lady does cupping,,,and except for this has been a great help. I will call and talk to her in a week , as I am leaving town to work next week. Is there anything I can do to help with the pain,,taking advil, ice pack, heat,,,again, thank you so much!


Well nerve pain is more difficult unfortunately. Generally heat will make it worse - although -if- heat makes it feel better that is far more preferable than ice. Epsom salt baths could be helpful - again not too hot if heat makes it worse. There are also Chinese herbal pain plasters (external) that can be useful and your practitioner should be able to get you some of those.


thank you again,,I do have some Chinese herbal pain patches, that usually help,,am almost out of them but am going to put one on now,,appreciate your help!

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