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Need some help


I had a new patient call me a few hours after his first treatment today, his chief complaint was neck tightness and overall stiffness.

He has gotten dizzy, nauseas and de je vu, about 6 times since the treatment.

I did a light treatment since it was his first time and also added some massage work.

any opinions???



It would be helpful to know what the patients tcm diagnosis is from your perspective, their symptoms (why they are seeking treatment) and what points you used. Also if the patient had ever had symptoms like that in the past.


Local qi and blood,

Lv qi stag and blood xu

points were

ub 10, 13, 40

gb 21

si 11 - 13

gb 41



Overall I think the points were fine and this is certainly an uncommon reaction. That type of sensation can come from nerve impingement in the neck, so you might have just starting to move this to the point where it created a different symptom. If the patient will return, after a couple treatments everything should be fine. Neck pain/stiffness generally responds very well to treatment.

Points-wise I would remove GB 21 and UB 10, add in GB 20, GV 20, GB 34, and UB 60. This, for lack of more technical reasons, to spread out the treatment energetically. Too many points at or near the area of concern, particularly in the neck/head region, can cause too much energy to ascend to the head and lead to some of these symptoms.

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