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Need help with tourettes


Hello, I am writing to you because I am a firm believer in Chinese medicine & healing through energy work along with other modalities that are self empowered using your own body & mind. However, I am looking to help someone who is suffering with Tourette’s. Can you offer any suggestions. I would be truly grateful.



Help, how? Are you a practitioner, or just someone looking for general feasibility. It is a treatable condition in Chinese Medicine, but, as with anything - although even more so with this - you treat the tcm diagnoses that are the causative/contributing factors to it, not follow a generalized approach to tourette’s syndrome which is functionally meaningless within Chinese Medicine theory.

You will very likely get some guidance and a discussion of possible approaches from the discussion with the following study:

If you are a practitioner, you can start with presenting your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms, what supporting signs you have for it and what your initial treatment plans are (or have been) and we can help direct further.


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