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Need help translating from English to Chinese


Submitted By: TheSpace

I was wondering if anybody here speaks both fluent English and Chinese?

I am about to see a TCM doctor that lives in my country but is originally from China. I was told that he is really good, one of maybe 3 persons in the entire country who really knows what they are doing. Apart from acupuncture treatments, he also offers Chinese herbal medicine which is an added bonus.

Problem is - he doesn't speak my language very well, as a matter of fact he does it very poorly. I went to him once so he could see me, but he was about to go on a one month vacation and i decided to postpone the whole thing. As mentioned above i am now planning to do the full treatment but was wondering if it is possible for somebody to translate the things that are bothering me from English language to Chinese and than i can print that and show him so he can possibly make a perfect diagnose.


It&#39s not going to be very exact but if you use very clear and straightforward english good &#39ole google translate will do the job for you. You can just type in what you want to say in english and select translation to Chinese - then print out that sheet and hand to him. The other thing to keep in mind is that from a Chinese Medicine perspective your symptoms (i.e. your personal experience of your imbalance) is not all that important in the scheme of things. A good practitioner can come to a very clear diagnosis (sometimes even clearer) without knowing anything about the patient. While dialogue can be helpful and ultimately it can be healing to the patient - it&#39s not as relevant as you might think - certainly when compared to western medicine.


Yes, i understand what you are telling me. Pulse, tongue and eyes tell the story, not words. I just thought that it would maybe be important to stress some things i consider important.

For example i have some acid issues, not exactly hearburn, but the more "sinister", painless version. It for examples creates problems in the throat/nose area because i get very sour taste in my mouth in the morning and more importanly post nasal drip of phlegm which is strongest after i eat and in the morning. As soon as i feel the sour/harsh taste of acid - the post nasal drip of phlegm follows, gets stuck in the throat and i have to spit it out. If i try to swallow - than my chest hurst and well..

I am &#39&#39afraid&#39&#39 to say just acid, because i tried many modalities of treatment (folk remedies, homeopathy, stomach manipulations and God knows what else) and nothing helped.

I am aware how TCM works, i have researched it a lot and honestly speaking, it is the medicine i trust the most from all existing modalities (in western i don&#39t trust at all, only for urgent, acute troubles like accidents, poisoning, heavy infections etc)

I am pretty sure that by stopping the acid going to the throat - i will stop the post nasal drip of phlegm, but i also know that in acupunture there are major phlegm transforming points, most known one is St40, so maybe using that point would also help the complete picture.

I just hope i didn&#39t further complicate things with this explanation :)

I tried Google, but for some reason i only get &#39&#39squares&#39&#39. And i am pretty sure it wouldn&#39t translate: &#39&#39chronic post nasal drip of phlegm&#39&#39 in a correct way! :)


Think I can help you. My mother tongue is actually spanish, but my english is pretty good and I&#39ve been studying chinese language for 5 years, too (1 year and a half in China). If you want, just type want you need to know so I can begin with the translation.

Regards =)


I already managed what i wanted, but thanks for offering!

Did 6 treatments so far, but not really sure about the effects. It&#39s possible i expected to much.

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