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Need help for my dog

Hello There,

My dog has had fever/panting for a long time now. I have used and am already doing higb doses of yin tonics. I have used formulas like Da Bu Yin, Zhi Bai, Zuo Gui pian, Liu wei etc for her.

Now, the problem is that she has fever all the time and when she drinks water, her fever/panting breaks but after 30 minutes, we are back to square one. This is with just spending the whole day on the bed and no exercise/walking at all. The moment she starts to walk, she starts to pant and her fever starts to rise.

She is also coughing a lot and it’s a hanking cough.

I have also used Tian Wang Bu Xin Pian for her in the past without any success thinking it could be a heart issue as she has had a history of edema/infection in the lungs. I just started using Xue Fu Zhu Yu Pian for her as I read that it helps with the “Tidal Fever”. I am not sure if she has Tidal fever because she has fever 24/7 and not just any specific time of the day.

Can you please help me with my girl’s issues?

I would first and foremost recommend going to a vet (perhaps one that also practices Chinese Medicine) to get standard bloodwork and an examination to try to get to a clearer diagnosis before you randomly try various formulas based on the symptom “fever” (which is not a cause, it’s a result of something).

That something underneath can be a UTI, other types of infections, cancer, dental issues, etc. Once you know the cause then you will be more likely able to target Chinese herbal medicine for your dog if it is appropriate for that cause.

What you are doing now (i.e. randomly choosing formulas based on symptoms) is arguably dangerous, at best completely ineffective.

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