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Neck stiffness, hearing and sight loss


What can I use to help with neck stiffness, hearing loss and poor vision. When I tilt my neck I experience total quietness at times even when I face downwards. What could be wrong with me?


If by “total quietness” you mean complete loss of hearing when you move your neck you very likely have some sort of cervical disc herniation/rupture or, less likely, a problem in the brain such as a tumor (not necessarily cancer). I would suggest you first get an x-ray of your neck and if that is not conclusive get an MRI of your brain and neck and then go from there.

As far as Chinese Medicine goes, those issues are treatable, but it is best to know what you are treating first.


Thank you i will arrange an xray and mri. I really appreciate your advise. The herb I recently ordered is in the country and I will be receiving it during the coming week. I will share my results once in receipt.


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