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Navel displacement


Which points are useful for navel displacement in Chinese acupuncture


What exactly do you mean by navel displacement? The yogic meaning of the shift of the middle chakra or an actual physical shifting of the location of the navel? Either way there is no set of points for any specific symptom or condition. Any treatment needs to take into consideration all signs and symptoms and therefore be customized to address the underlying imbalance that gives rise to such.


Thanks for reply on my query. Well I mean my navel shifted physically right side .I understand this by mesuring nippel to navel difference and right side i got 2cm less length compare to left .apart from that my right feet toe ,right hand’s small finger smaller 3mm then left and right hand’s middle finger also small 1.5mm to left .
I couldn’t get same size of fingers ,toe and nipples to navel by any physical method .

Stomach upset symptoms also occured like gassiness in lower abdomen and food chunks in feces and i feel energy less after brakefast to 2pm. Stomach become more upset if I physically work or jogging . Nothing is come in medical tests


I feel pulsation in navel and it’s around by my fingers . Pulsation not lost in navel. I feel pain just right side of navel by 2cm when I apply pressure.


What you are feeling is your aorta, which in and of itself isn’t necessarily of importance. Now one way to make that feeling more pronounced is having other symptoms like bloating, bowel obstructions, etc. So in general, you need to figure out what is behind it. Generally if you have digestive issues a very basic starting point would be our acupuncture for abdominal pain page. For best results you should consult directly with a fully trained Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area.

The only (very rare) really bad thing this could indicate is an impending aortic anuerysm - which you can diagnose with an ultrasound, CT and/or MRI of the area. This is, again, unlikely but if the pulse is significant enough and there is no other resolution that should be checked.


All the test like ct scam and ultrasound are clear , nothing came . My right nipple is 2cm down from left and I heard that this is sign of navel displacement.


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