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Nasal polyps by using sanitizer

Hello, I have got nasal polyps and even after using the polyps treatment points they still come back. It all started after the usage of a sanitizer which was later on banned as it caused many people respiratory system issues.
I was one of them with all breathlessness and polyps issue .

Please advice if i should be toning my lungs to get rid of this polyps issue or any other points. Would be a great help.

Also Pls advice if T1,T2,T3 Li 17, C3 should be sedated if used in Sujok. Thank you

There are many posts on our site that discuss this - here is one. That said, acupressure is not going to help in my opinion, even regular acupuncture by an experienced practitioner (for many months) is often still difficult. I would strongly recommend you try to find a very experienced acupuncturist who also practices Chinese herbal medicine in your area and plan to work with them for at least 4 months.

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