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Nasal Polyps and Allergies


Treating something like nasal polyps and severe allergies that cause puffyness around the eyes and recurrent sinus infections, how would you go about treating this person? How many times a week since its such a chronic issue? Thanks!


Whether an issue is chronic or not you generally start the same way. First, you come up with your diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective. So throw out the western issues and focus on where they are coming from. The frequency and the duration of treatment cannot be ascertained until you first have a diagnosis and you treat the person for 3-7 times on average and watch their progress. After that period and an initial response, experienced practitioners can usually offer a general set of frequency and duration expectations.

For polyps - another post I responded to a few years ago (found by searching for “polyps”…) has some general treatment details.

Some general concepts regarding the treatment of allergies is in this article.

Our general acupuncture for allergies guide may be useful as a starting point. And some of the general herbs, points and related patterns can be found on our options for allergy treatments page.


Thanks for the info. Would you see this patient twice a week in the beginning?


Again, there is no general answer to treatment frequency. Part of this would depend on the patient, their signs, symptoms and diagnosis. Part would depend on the practitioner preferences.

Personally, unless it’s something very acute, like you fell off a ladder yesterday, I never see anyone more than once a week and as soon as possible move them to less often (except for those who come weekly because they enjoy it, that is fine).

That, however, is a personal preference, but also a reflection of the nature of conditions I’ve treated the most of (longer term cancer/autoimmune primarily). This shouldn’t be taken as a rule.

I could get into a longer discussion about treatment frequency and how I think too frequently actually hinders healing rather than helps it, but that would better for a thread in our discussions category or perhaps I’ll write an article about my views regarding treatment frequency some day.

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