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Nasal polyp



I am suffering from nasal polyp(rt) for 3 years. i have tried western medicine, herbal medicine but in vain. For the past six months i took Acupunture i had little relief in terms of less attack of allergies and infection. But recently i had total block of nose with more difficulty in breathing. The points i used are LI 19, Ex 1, st36. Along with nasal block i had other problem like skin allergies, gastritis and irregular menstrual cycle. All these problems are resolved except nasal block.

can anyone give me suggestion to get rid of my problem. not interested in surgical intervention. is there any treatment to get nasal block relieved 100%#.



LI 20 is better suited for this than 19. You could also try Bitong (pick one, don't use 2 together). Add Yintang, and 1 Hegu into your prescription. Stimulation needs to be relatively strong on LI20/Bitong.

Alternatively, you can also use either Tong Tian (UB7) or Tou Ling Qi (GB15). You need substitutes as treatment needs to be frequent. You don't want to just use the same points all the time.

I would also consider doing some moxa on St36 to balance your treatments and to tonfiy a little at the end.

There is also a breathing formula that Dr. John Shen used for polyps. Are you a LAc/student?

Realize that this is a chronic problem, and therefore recovery will be slow and stubborn.



I agree with everything listed above LI 20 and bitong are quite helpful and recovery in these cases can be slow. There are some cases where it is appropriate to have the surgery and then treat onwards as recurrence rates are high. Many people, without Chinese Medicine treatment, have relapses and multiple surgeries over time. With treatment you can try to offset surgery, but you may have it in advanced cases and then avoid future recurrences by working on the underlying causes with Chinese Medicine.

Our protocol for nasal polyps is to use the local points listed above (or appropriate ones based on the individual case) and then we add the huatuo of T1 (bone marrow), T2 (thymus gland), T3 (lung/lymph) - which collectively balance the immune system, C3 (nerves that innervate the sinuses), GV 22. C3 is largely manipulated with Tuina before and after the needling (we don't needle the area in most cases). Tuina should also be applied to the upper thoracic region. Cupping may also be appropriate in the upper thoracic region as well.

As you have found, herbal medicine is often not extremely helpful for polyps specifically. If the patient has underlying allergies, however, a formula such as Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan is helpful in stopping drainage and to help heal the underlying imbalance.


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