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Nasal drainage abnormal?


IDK if this is considered normal or nor mal in some circumstances or what. Is it normal to be having nasal discharge all year long ? Everyday ? I have to walk around with napkins and such all the time. I know substantial phlegm is only in the lungs and that’s where phlegm is stored. Is substantial phlegm pathogenic ? How can you clear this up ? What is the reason this is going on ? Is there something wrong somewhere ?


No that is not normal, but it is very common with allergies, obviously, and with the type of digestive issues you have. It’s also increasingly common with a poor diet - things to eliminate, or at least limit, dairy, sugar and gluten to start.


What about cold to the Spleen? Would that do it? I was thinking allergies too. Drinking a cold drink? But I take Allegra. My Eosinophils when down some. But they and most other white blood cells are up. My Hemoglobin is down. All messed up. But isn’t that seasonal allergies. But all year long? I eat cheese, but no sugar.

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