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Nasal carcinoma TCM treatment


I am actually asking for my beloved canine friend. He is battling nasal carcinoma. He received radiation therapy last August and appears to have good results. However, lately he has been sneezing a lot and has been pawing and rubbing the side of his face where the tumor was found. He is also shaking his head frequently, as if trying to dislodge something that is bothering him in his nasal passage. A few days ago, he also had some purulent discharge from the same nostril as the previous tumor growth. I am afraid that the tumor is growing back.

For a bit of background, he also has mild chronic kidney disease, and mild urinary incontinence if he eats too much protein during the day.

He is currently on Wei Qi booster, Su Zi Jiang Qi powder, and Huey’s Formula. Is there anything he can take that will slow or stall the progression of the tumor growth? I am willing to try anything.

Thank you for any input/information or resources you can provide.


First, I would strongly recommend you find a vet that is heavily experienced with Chinese Medicine usage in animals. Second, I would recommend first finding out whether in fact the tumor came back or not, rather than guessing why he has the discharge. Scar tissue alone could be irritating months after radiation, but that would be far different to aid than the cancer returning.

Finally if he has kidney disease you have to be cautious with herbal medicine as you could create more problems than you are helping. Giving him herbs for allergies also may be not helpful at best and problematic at worse if he is sneezing from some other cause.

I realize this isn’t much of an answer, but particularly when we are answering questions online, you first have to have a very clear diagnosis, then you proceed to treatment.

While tcm herbs can be used for tumor growth and in some types of cancer in particular they can be quite useful, again, you first have to know that that is what you are dealing with. For nasal carcinoma, perhaps with your vet, I would explore some of the formulas from this large scale human meta-analysis -

Hello Chad,

Thank you very much for your response and the article. I will make sure to discuss it with our vet.

We are seeking help from a holistic veterinarian that was recommended to us by a friend. The vet is said to be very experienced and also practices emergency vet medicine. She agrees with me that the tumor has returned given my dog’s recent symptoms (increased sneezing, nasal discharge). I am opting not to have him undergo another CT scan due to his kidney issues and old age (contrast dye will worsen his condition and sedation is at best risky).

The vet is the one who prescribed the herbs he is currently on as she feels it would help with moving the qi in the area. I have no way of telling if her recommendations are the right course of action as I have very little knowledge in the subject. Hence I am seeking help here in hopes of finding something - anything that perhaps I could suggest to her that might help my dog.

She just started weekly ozone therapy on my dog and we are waiting to see if it helps.

Thank you again for the article.


I would say the herbs are a legitimate set of choices certainly if that is helpful. I’m not as familiar with the canine formulas, but looking at the ingredients they look about right.

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