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Does any you have any experience with patients who are suffering from
> narcolepsia...anyway I hope that I'm using the right english word for
> it. I'm mean people who are suffering from sudden sleep attacks...?
> Patient has been diagnosed with a neurological problem but can't be
> treated western style. ... thank you
> Lode


Narcolepsy in tcm called "shi shui", means person easy fall in sleep at day time, most because of yin qi is over yang qi, the meridian control this condition name "yin qiao Mai", the key point is kd6, you can sedate kd6 with tonifty yang point ub62(yang qiao mai key point), add other accompanied pattern points to do the treatment.


Thank you so much for your quick answer Feng Mei.




where can I get the treatment?


Any acupuncturist should be able to help you. Use google and/or word of mouth to find one in your local area.

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