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Names of acupuncture point combinations


Dear all,

I am fairly new to acupuncture and currently learning the various point on
the meridians. However during seminars I hear acupuncturist mention needle
combinations like 3 golden needles and dragons eyes and I have no idea what
they are talking about...
I have caught on to the four gates being the combination liver 3 and large
intestine 4 but that is it sofar.
Do you have suggestions where I could find information like that?
Thanks very much for all your help!

Kind regards,


There are many oriental medicine university in united states, go to school is a good way.


Hi Petra,

If you're learning meridians and points then you might consider focusing on the five shu, xi cleft, yuan points firstly. It's easy to get bogged down in trying to learn too much before getting the basics pinned down.
Feng Mei is right though, your lecturer should be able to explain any of the classical combinations s/he references.

Good luck,

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