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How do you treat myom (gynecologic) ? I think we need to stop secreting the estrogen. What do you think?


I believe you are asking how to treat myomas? Myomas, more commonly known as uterine fibroids are regularly treated with Chinese Medicine. They are generally involved with the following patterns:

Liver Qi Stagnation/Blood Stasis

Yin Deficiency w/Empty Heat

Spleen Qi Deficiency w/Accumulation of Dampness

Each pattern will have different treatment points. While we have yet to build a page specifically for uterine fibroids the sections for Uterine Bleeding and Female Infertility should give you a good idea of the patterns and points involved.

For the liver qi stagnation related patterns the herbal formulas Xiao Yao Wan or LiRen are often used and for the Yin Deficiency patterns Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan is often helpful.

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