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Myasthenia Gravis


Is acupuncture effective with Myasthenis gravis

Acupuncture for Myasthenia Gravis

In general, yes, Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine, tuina medical massage, energy healing, etc.) can be very helpful for the vast majority of autoimmune conditions - within which myasthenia gravis falls. You generally need to see someone, however, who has a good amount of experience with this range of conditions. You also may need treatment weekly/biweekly or perhaps just monthly for months to years. It is not a quick fix in most cases for this range of conditions.

Not to over value our system of acupuncture, but the Tam healing system that we use was largely designed to help better work with complex conditions such as cancer and autoimmune. Our general points can be found on our tongren for myasthenia gravis page. In actual acupuncture practice this would be adapted to the individual based on their overall diagnosis and other medical history influences.

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