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My Spleen is Weak

Hello! I have underlying condition with my throat for four years now. Every morning for years starts with coughing and spitting mucus. Couple years ago had very bad condition with knife sharp pain in the throat, sanded throat feeling and pain in the ear. Had a change to be in Chicago to Chinese herbalist who gave me mix of teas. Boiled and used for few weeks, but helped with only sharp pain in the throat and sanded feeling. Had three courses of them. Didn’t help for cough. Recently was in Chicago again to another Chinese doctor who gave BAN XIA HOU PO & XIAO CHAI HU. These pills helped for two weeks only. Had no cough, no mucus for first time in a long time. Ordered online the same pills and didn’t help even for two weeks. He said my spleen and liver functions are weak. My mouth is extremely dry, developed cavities on all of my front teeth in few month, but still have dry cough with mucus every morning, heaviness in the throat and pain in one ear. I had diabetes, that I healed myself with Xiao Ke pills, so I associated mouth dryness with what’s left from diabetes, but never with spleen weakness.
My question would be what direction should I head now finally to treat my throat? Tired of everyday coughing for four years and feeling of constant sickness.
Currently live in Georgia, heavily humid area. Chicago’s four month winters are not for me. Thank you for any idea where should I go now.

You should likely consult with someone locally and work closely with them over a few months. I’m concerned at statements like “I had diabetes” - do you check your blood sugar regularly or even occasionally at this point? If so, what has it been running? If not, start.

As far as herbs, you will want to see someone locally. Too many damp clearing herbs with lots of dryness can make your situation worse even if on the surface issues it makes things seem better. I don’t know where you are in GA, but around the Sandy Springs/ATL there are a few practitioners that should be able to help you.

When the cough started initially what was happening then, did it just come out of the blue? followed another illness? some other life event?

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