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My First Acupuncture Experienced - A Little Confused [Ball of Energy]


First: who likes my name the best? :)

I just jumped into this world of TCM, energies, chakras, third eye, holistic therapies and this New Age movement and it looks amazing. To cut to the chase I've dealt with anxiety, depression and stress for 10+ years and have tried exercising, diet changes, trying new hobbies, and popping pills as a means to ending this frustration. I decided to try acupuncture to kick start this holistic therapy regime and wanted to share my experience because I'm really confused as to what happened on my first appointment. So here we go.

Initial appointment I was asked questions why I decided to try acupuncture and what I would like cured. I explained my concerns but one thing to mention - I thought my tongue and pulse was going to be analyzed but my practicioner never did - does it matter?

Needles were inserted, she did some energy work, said she'll be back to check up on me. It's about 10 or 15 minutes in with the needles stuck in me and my impatient self was annoyed I didn't feel anything. From what I've read some people feel immediate responses and others not until several sessions later. I stared into the ceiling and all of the sudden I felt a ball of energy hovering over me circling towards my feet and rushing back just above my head... over and over and over for a few minutes. [You know when you close your eyes and someone shines a flashlight in your face you get all of those red bubbles and halos? Every time the ball of energy approached my head, all of those bubbles and halos appeared in my field of vision.] After I didn't feel the ball of energy anymore, my whole body started to get really hot.

My practicioner came in not too long after and removed the needles. I felt out of it and her explaining to me the herbal supplements I should take went right over my head. I also had a headache around my third eye spot for several hours afterwards. I tried explaining to my practicioner what I felt but she squinted her eyes and nodded and said I should come next week.

I'm going to go again next week but I'm confused as to what that ball of energy was and if I opened up my third eye? Or am I just imagining all of this? Any thoughts is greatly appreciated. I'm very new to this and was hoping for any possible explainations. Thank you!


Acupuncture is for Qi and blood harmony make body Yin Yang balance, if the patient first time and too sensitive about Qi, or Qi too strong, may cause this condtion. Sometime the meridians also bring Qi go wrong channel, like call a wrong telephone numbers. To reduce this condition should practice Tai Chi or Qi Gong to make you more relax and balance body yin yang meridians energy field system, if you blood deficiency should tonify blood to get harmony with Qi.


Chinese Medicine is focused on “qi,” the source of all physiological function. Acupuncture treatment works with qi, to regulate body function, restore health and expel disease. Thin, hair-like needles are inserted into specific points along channels of qi on the body to create an energetic reaction. If you have further question I think this site will help you to answer it.


Well, first, acupuncture is not &#39new age&#39! It is thousands of years old!

Secondly, the most important thing to remember is that you have to feel OK about the treatments.

Right: everyone practices differently for sure but, yes, tongue and pulse assessments are essential components of acupuncture treatments. There are tales of practitioners in China who do not look directly at their patients but sit behind a screen, where all they can access are the wrists and lower face - to check the pulse and tongue!! I don&#39t know how true that is but, I would say it&#39s almost impossible to practice well without doing at least the pulses, and checking them again and again during treatment and at the end.

Lastly, I do not leave patients unattended. The most I would do is nip out the room to collect something but, with new patients I stay with them until they have had enough sessions for us both to be OK about me leaving the room. It doesn&#39t matter that there&#39s silence or they go to sleep. I always monitor people during treatment. However, some practitioners do not and that does not make them bad - not at all. But, YOU must feel comfortable about what is happening and if you don&#39t want to be left alone then say so. Similarly, if you need deeper and clearer explanations about what is happening, then ask for them.

Who knows what was going on? Early treatments can be very powerful and create a host of responses. If you have had years of medication then you will also need a good &#39clear-out&#39 and that may well have been happening. Other patients do, indeed, feel nothing except a creeping sense of well-being, peace, and contentment over a period of weeks. But, ask your acupuncturist.

There is nothing binding you to the treatments with this person so please remember that you can choose a different practitioner at any time. And now you know what to ask them before you have treatments with them!

Good luck on trying new ways to manage your mental health. With patience, understanding, self-respect, and time, I&#39m sure you will be fine.


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