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Muscular dystrophy traeatment


My brother is suffering from muscular dystrophy for the past 23 years. Now his age is 43 years. Till the age of 20, he can run, ride bicycles and climb even tree. But after age of 20, he began to lose his balance during walking. Now he cannot walk fast. Unable to climb upstairs. He had fall down 3 times and undergone a surgery in his legs. Recently his thigh bone was broken and undergone a surgery. Now he is walking a little bit slowly.
We need to know if accupuncture or accupressure treatment can increase the dystrophin level and he can get improvement in his life.


See my previous response to a similar question - Muscular Dystrophy pattern and treatment

In short, yes, acupuncture (probably not acupressure very much) can be helpful for him, but it is a long process that requires regular treatments.

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