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Muscle Tension Dysphonia


can accupunncutre help for Muscle Tension Dysphonia? an extreme muscle tension in and around the voice box


Yes, in my cases along with voice therapy it can be extremely helpful. What separates acupuncture from other modalities in the systemic approach - treating the systemic causes and not following the symptoms (for more on this see “What Does Acupuncture Treat?”).

As MTD has unknown causes the ability of acupuncture to work both on brain function/muscle coordination and to deal with systemic weaknesses in the functions themselves it can be quite useful.

You would need to see a fully trained Chinese Medicine practitioner who can provide you with a diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms and treat with acupuncture, herbs, and possibly other techniques as appropriate. Generally you should give the practitioner at least 8-12 treatments for this type of condition before judging the efficacy of it. It may take longer and/or be something that is mildly managed over time, but you should have a good idea of how well it will help you in that 8-12 treatment time frame.


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