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Multiple Systems Atrophy


What herbal medicine would help treat this disease?


While very occasionally you can make a general recommendation with regards to Chinese herbal medicine and a particular condition - the best results will come from something that is tailored to your unique situation. For the basics of this I strongly suggest you read both “Treating the cause and not the symptoms” and “basic guidelines for choosing an appropriate herbal formula”. Those two article get into why you need to choose Chinese herbal formulas from a detailed analysis of the individuals medical history, their entire range of issues, etc. - and this is even more significant the more complicated the condition/issues are.

Now all that said, with the right practitioner, and ideally with both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, there is much that can be accomplished in patients with multiple systems atrophy - and most similar autoimmune based conditions. You will need fairly consistent treatment, however, over a period of months at least - so you should prepare for that.


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