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Multicyct kidneys


I have multicysts in my left kidney the larger one is 7 x 13 cms . The size off kidney is enlarged with distorted echopattern . Few 4 mm stones are also present. The right kidney is normal with cyst of 10 x 11 cm cyst at lower pole. Please tell me is there TCM have some treatment and how can I approach to purchase. I am living in Faisalabad, Pakistan.


There are potential herbal approaches for polycystic kidney disease, but they generally have to be tailored to you as an individual by a fully trained Chinese Medicine practitioner. Ideally, herbal treatment would only be part of your overall approach as acupuncture would be a critical addition to the treatment protocol. For more on tailoring treatments generally, we suggest you read (“treating the cause vs. the symptoms”).

The last thing you want to do with already damaged kidneys is take a random selection of Chinese herbs from unknown sources that are not tailored to you from a practitioner. It would be reasonably likely that you would at best not improve and at worse create more harm.

I suggest you find a Chinese Medicine practitioner who practices both acupuncture and herbal medicine in your area and consult directly with them.


Thank you very much for reply…

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