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I have a new patient coming in with ms. It has attacked her spine and now walks with a cane.
What results has anyone had using what points and herbs



Acupuncture can be very helpful for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Symptomatically, acupuncture helps with reducing any pain that they may be experiencing and will aid muscle coordination and control. Then, from an overall auto-immune aspect, there are benefits from working on the immune system to regulate the destructive behavior and facilitate remission.

You should start by reading the general TCM treatment article, Acupuncture for Multiple Sclerosis. For an idea of what I would use in conjunction with some of the standard TCM points, you can read the Tong Ren Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis section.

We rarely use herbs for MS, but if you read the TCM patterns and find which best fits your patients, formulas that would be useful should become fairly apparent.

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