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MS in Chinese Medicine

What would be the points used in treating an acute case of MS?
Thank you,

I would start by consulting our MS treatment section first, particularly the acupuncture for multiple sclerosis page.

You can ignore the rest if you are just a non-practitioner asking a general question - but if you are a practitioner - I’m concerned by the phrasing of your question. I would suggest that you refer this patient out to a qualified practitioner. The underlying factors leading to MS are very well treated with properly applied Chinese Medicine, but the key is fine tuned diagnostic skills to decide the best approach. There are no “points” for any “condition” in Chinese Medicine. The entire value of Chinese Medicine is in the diagnostic framework where you can get at the root imbalance the person has and treatment is based from this (not their condition/symptoms which are functionally irrelevant in Chinese Medicine) - see (“treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for more on that).

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