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MRA Acupuncture?


Submitted By: spkroth

I just have a question for anyone who may feel inclined to respond. I have just completed my training as a medical acupuncturist and am just ecstatic! I just heard, however, about meridian regulatory acupuncture, using a computer to balance the meridians. I may be "stuck in the old ways," but this sounds a bit like taking the art out of acupuncture. I am interested to see what people's opinions may be regarding this. I know that in the end, what's best for the patient is what matters, but my concern is about dehumanzing the art. Again, I may be a traditionalist and need to just open myself up to new ideas, but I have concern for the future of acupuncture if machines start to do it for us.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I don&#39t think machine can put Qi inside patient&#39s body. only needles are not enough. But it is good way of acupuncture side work.


I agree. Not that I&#39m against advances in the field or even machine aid, but the truth is that the vast majority of practitioners (and I include myself here) barely have the feel of those from previous generations. If we cannot truly feel imbalances in people with absolute certainty how could we possibly think we know enough to program a machine to properly include all of the possible variances. Plus, there is more to "qi" than just a measurable electrical impulse... Personally I stay as far away from these "aids" as possible, but that&#39s just my opinion.


I agree, Chad. I was taught that what was most important for me to do first, before applying even one needle, is to become very clear about my intention and to focus on that with the insertion of each needle. Remember, thought precedes form.

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