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MPAN disorder, points for Tong Ren tapping


Can anyone give me the points to tap to help someone with this disorder?


As the actual symptoms, at least initially, of MPAN can vary quite a bit you want to tailor the treatment to what is presenting with the individual. Generally, everything discussed in the following article on treating parkinson’s with tong ren will hold true for MPAN as well.

A deeper analysis of the sky window points discussed in the article above is in an article I wrote regarding tong ren for MS - is relevant as well.


Chad, thank you so much. I have been tapping using points for Parkinson’s
so will continue with that. I appreciate your input. Thank you. Gail Smith


In addition to those points listed above you would want to add T11 for the small intesting and L4 and L5 for the colon as well. The colon being one of the modulators for iron levels in the body. Generally the genes responsible for MPAN cause iron accumulation and much of this messaging happens in the colon.


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