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Hello. I've just discovered that I can buy moxa for self use here so I'm thinking to try it. I'd like to try it on the points for spleen qi deficiency: CV12, ST36, SP3, SP6, UB20, UB21. I read here on the web that it's better to do moxa than acupuncture in deficiency conditions. Do you think it is possible to do it by myself? About the correct location of the points I assume to ask my shiatsu practitioner because I'm not sure if I know the accurate location of CV12 for instance. Also I'm not sure about UB points mentioned above but I can find some blockages in that area on my back. Is there any correct order in moxibusting? I'd suppose to start up and go down but I'm not sure if to do back points first and so. Thank you for your advice.


Ub20 is for Spleen, Ub21 is for Stomach, usually moxa body back first then front, up first to down, last do limbs.


Knowing a little about your case from all of your previous posts that is an incredible amount of moxa to do! Moxa is moving, warming, and tonifying but with your anxiety, etc. too much heat will make you far worse. I would start with moxa on just SP 6 for a couple minutes each side perhaps 2-3 times week and see how you do. Then you can possibly add a CV point a/or ST 36 if necessary, but don&#39t do all of that for now.


Thank you. I went to a shrine on Saturday and pulled out a fortune for this year. It also says I have to be patient and too much of everything might make things worse. According to the fortune it seems that "Patience" is the main word for me in 2011 :-) I&#39ll try as you recommended and will see how I do. Now I do Da Peng Dong daily, shiatsu once in one/two weeks, and I try to avoid some food such as dairy (except eggs once in a while), fried, fatty and raw food. Sometimes I watch Tong Ren broadcast and tap for myself. The main point is that I try to think positive which I found out to be crucial.


Secondly their is a Taoist work (exercise) modality that clams “blocks of the (SP) & (ST) are effectively undone with stretching of the arms, one arm-up & one arm down.

Breath fully in & out, rotate hands/arms down/extended parallel to the sides repeat full breath. Now reverse the original position of the hands, pause breath

Fully repeat al three positions repeat slowly increasing till circle is created. Lean (RT) Exhaling veary-slowly pant’ing with open-mouth thong-out if you like..

Taoist movement practices aim to target their affects on specific organs

The circle represents balance universally. See: (YouTube) master Manitak Chia

The figure eight also represents balance universally. Both are recommended when applying Moxi,- (LT)-Lunar (Yin) (RT)-Solar (Yang), & the figure Eight movements. But this Heaven-Earth-energy stretching is said to decompress this stomach spleen area I hope this helps happy healing! Shaktimanah


Do have somebody who&#39s experienced show you moxa techniques, otherwise it&#39s definitely something you can help yourself with. I recommend using fewer points and focusing on your body consciousness and response to the moxibustion. For spleen qi deficiency, ST36, CV12, and CV4 alone will go a long way. Of course, you should add CV8 which is the navel and your teacher should be able to teach you how to do it with salt and slice of ginger. All these point are within your own easy reach.


While self-treating with moxa is preferable to self- treating with needles, I would still recommend you find a practitioner to do this for you. Treatment is facilitated by the care of another person, a witness, a &#39journey friend&#39 who will help you along your path.

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