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Moxa smoke problem


Has anyone found a successful air filter or purifier that will handle moxa smoke?

I am in an office building where my neighbors complain about the smell.


I have tried a pretty decent air purifier without any success. I was also in a school clinic a few years back that had a special ventilation system which worked over the whole clinic, and you could still smell the moxa in other areas of the building (and on other floors).

If you are using moxa cigars, I don&#39t know of anything that will work. I have found that small amounts of the loose moxa don&#39t seem to be much of a problem. And then there is always smokeless moxa, which is highly debatable...


There&#39s probably always going to be some odor. I work in a clinic that has vents rated twice what you need to burn moxa, and you can still smell it. Part of the problem is the interior walls in commercial buildings are not sound proof or substantial enough to stop the smell.


I have a couple BlueAir purifiers. They both work well, especially when I use the charcoal filter for smoke. I recommend the 400 series or above. Filter needs to be replaced every 6 months, maybe more if you use lots of moxa stick or compressed/smoky moxa. The filters alone run about $100 each, so be aware of that. Zero complaints from others in my office building after almost 6 years of heavy use.

Last year, I switched to direct moxa. This requires no ventilation or air purifier at all... even in rooms with no windows.


Could try Ozone air purifier. Attended a course in Zurich about ozone where a very terrible smelly cloth was exposed to ozone and within 1-2minutes the smell was totally gone!


I don&#39t know if you have resolved your issue but we have found TDP lamps to be very effective - no smoke. Philosophical question as to whether they are as effective as moxa.. We still use smokeless Japanese style for critical point warming...


I found smokeless moxa to be useful for patients suffering from asthma, or those who react to the smoke in some way. I prefer normal moxa but will use smokeless, in the form of patches, where necessary.

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