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Moxa related questions


Does anybody do anything after treating a client with moxibustion? Or is it good to let the pink spot(s) glow after the treatment?

Another question: what happens if you treat a “jitsu” (full) point with moxa? Let’s say LI4. One side is “empty” (kyo) and the other side seems full. Is it best to only treat the “empty” side?


Generally, no, you don’t touch the area after moxibustion as part of what happens with moxibustion is the oils from the smoke entering the body through the open pores - so any other manipulation, creams, etc. is likely to disturb that.

As far as empty/full there would be no hard and fast rules there. While generally, you would tonify (i.e. use moxa) on an empty point - there are also many situations where dispersing an excess point would be called for - possibly to even out imbalances between sides. If you are unsure, it is likely best to stay towards the empty side, then watch the patient from treatment to treatment before considering dispersing.


Very informative thank you.


thanks a lot Chad for your answers and thanks Yinspire for asking beforehand. Chad, i was wondering if you don’t mind me asking you some questions as well? thanks. lately been thinking to get some supps for life as i heard some people saying they could be really helpful.


The only thing I do after moxa treatment is telling the patiënt to stay out of wind with that area and let It cover by clothes. Because of the pores that are open, they easier catch wind or epf if you don’t cover it.

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