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Moxa burn


Submitted By: TheSpace

Friend of mine took one moxa stick from me, wanted to try it out. I cautioned him to be careful, but he managed to burn himself. At first it was just a bit red, but he didn't take care of it and while he was sleeping he managed to make it a bit worse. It now has something yellow inside it. The worst thing of all is that he actually missed Stomach 36 by a whole tsun, even though i showed him many times how to find it..

What should he do to stop an infection from forming? Apply iodine, some burn ointments or? I told him that if he had managed to burn Stomach 36, that would have healing powers, but this is just bad..


This is scar moxa, usually in one week, the moxa point will fester, in the next 5-6 weeks, the fester point will self recovery and become a scar. St36 scar moxa is for tonify stomach Qi and strong body immune power. For the fester, the patient just keep it clean and has enough nutrition food and sleep time, if the fester become green yellow color or bleeding, you can put some medication cream to clear the inflammation.


Ching Wan Hung is a good cream to have around for cases like this. If you don&#39t have this and the area looks infected, your friend should just go get a regular burn ointment from the local drug store to avoid infection. Generally though, moxa burns heal fairly quickly and unless you have really bad hygiene should heal well without issue on its own.


Thank you both. The situation is getting well now, the burn is healing and there are no signs of infection, he is not in pain so everything will be okay. He is just a bit sad for actually missing Stomach 36. I am guessing this is why warnings for proper use exist on moxa. Live and learn is what i told him, live and learn :)


There&#39s something about moxa that causes really nasty looking burns - ouch! But, I have never seen one become infected, maybe due to the tremendous healing nature of the stuff. You do say it is getting better so, no harm done.

As for &#39missing the point' I often give sticks to patients, usually for turning breech babies but also for St 36. St 36 is a big point, so I tend to think it&#39s OK if they are not spot-on. And never forget the power of intention! You are right, though, this stuff needs careful handling.

Hope he gets well soon. If it&#39s troublesome, lavender oil is good. It can be used neat on the skin (unlike most other oils) and when I was a nurse in a burns unit, we used it all the time on small lesions with great success.

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