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Motor neuron for breathing



my wife has multiple system atrophy (ataxia) for 4 years already. She is barely walking with help, having problems with speech, breathing, swallowing,... Recently she started to shake. Can acupuncture help with this?

We live in Austria and tried last year with one Chinese doctor without success. We watched on TV that someone is curing various illnesses (helped with MS as well) with controlled bites of the bees.I contacted him and he asked me to try to find out what is the accupuncture point for motor neuron which controls breathing (lungs); he knows the other points what are needed. Can anybody explain to me where this point is?

Thanks in advance.

best regards,

Milutin Culibrk


Your question is difficult to give a clear answer to. It is crucial to understand that acupuncture is not a point-to-condition or point-to-function modality in any fashion. To better understand how acupuncture looks at conditions I suggest you read, "What Does Acupuncture Treat?".

When you say you tried Chinese Medicine previously, how long did you try? What did they do? Just acupuncture - herbal medicine as well, medical massage? You should realize that treating complex conditions such as this are not only difficult but they can take quite some time to resolve. Generally 3 months to 1.5 years would be a general timeframe to consider for treatment. Chinese Medicine from someone with the right experience can, however, be extremely helpful.

To answer your question specifically with regards to a bee sting point to use, you should know that this therapy has nothing to do with acupuncture or Chinese Medicine generally speaking. Accordingly, I would think that people who perform those types of treatments would be the best people to ask.

Given our experience with this range of conditions, however, I strongly suggest you see a doctor of Chinese Medicine in your area who at least as stronger experience in the treatment of stroke as well as auto-immune conditions. Without seeing someone who has seen a good number of these types of cases you will likely, but not necessarily, get poorer results. The "not necessarily" part is largely due to the information linked to above - that is, treating the root patterns that led to these conditions instead of chasing after symptoms.


thank you very much for your honest answer and spent time. I know that my question was silly but when you are desperate you try everything. We went to good Chinese medicine doctor for acupuncture treatment only few times, not easy to comunicate, he does not speak any English, we are not fluent in German, and conditions are not easy to explain. I am afraid that we do not have enough time (1.5 years) to try something there. I know that this "bee sting story" does not have anything to do with acupuncture and I do not beleive in this a lot; I only wanted to give her some hope to go though this tough period easier, that we are still trying something.

One more time thank you.

Best regards,

Milutin Culibrk


First, there are no silly questions, I just wanted to lay out proper expectations. And by 3 months to 1.5 years I certainly don&#39t mean until you have any noticeable improvement. There should, of course, be improvement along the way but it is not a quick road to resolution. It&#39s a process of healing which is different and not always within our timeframe.

And I wouldn&#39t give up on the bee sting techniques necessarily - just wouldn&#39t do that exclusively to better known options like Chinese Medicine. Most of our modern health issues at some point or another come from chronic systemic inflammation and the resulting problems that this causes. Bee sting therapy has aspects of it that can disrupt this process. But stopping the process is only partially what needs to be done to help someone with your wifes condition.

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