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Most Common Herbal Formulas Used?


Submitted By: dumplin1010

Hi there,

I would like some input as to the top 10-20 most common herbal formulas that are being used in practice. I tend to stock as needed but would like to have a more well rounded "stocked" pharmacy. Any suggestions? (I use tea pills and/or granules) Thank you.


As time permits I'll try a more informative answer. I've been thinking about writing a page on this subject for quite some time. For now I think that with a couple exceptions all of the patents in our online herbal pharmacy meet the majority of conditions that we commonly see clinically and use herbs for.

We do not use a tremendous amount of herbs and primarily focus them on conditions that we feel they are important for the healing process. PMS, Anxiety, Insomnia, Menopause, Fertility (50-70% of cases - male and female), Hypertension, Skin Conditions, and Pain tend to be the conditions we most often use herbs with.


thank you, quite helpful as I primarily treat many of the same disorders you've mentioned.


Yin Qiao, Gan Mao Ling, Xiao Yao San + augmented forms, Pill Culing, Cinnamon Extract ,Jade Spring Pills, Bi Yan Pian, Er Chen Wan, Pe Min Kan Wan, Loquat Syrup, Rehmannia 6, 8 (Liu Wei Di......), Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tong, Chuan Xin Lian, Gui Pi Wan, Li Dan Pian, Peony and Licorice

It's a good start


thanks moxagurl!!

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