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Missing organs


Male: 64

Main Complaint: headache (from Jueyin area to ST8/DU24), depression, insomnia

Pulse: The pulse of the heart/ SI is impossible to feel, the other organs are stronger on the left side, and weaker on the right side (considering that he has no spleen..) .

Tongue: The tongue is swollen, slightly red and on the right side shows dark veins (the missing spleen), slightly greasy tongue at the base, (takes several painkillers, but is asking the doctors to change them all the time, and if he think they don’t have any effect, he stop taking them) .

History: car crash about 30 years ago and had the spleen and a piece of intestine surgically removed. Also was born with atrophied left kidney, so his body is supposedly using only one of them. Over the years, he cannot stay more than an hour without having to go to pee.
Broke some spinous process and some of them have not heal properly, and has an implant on C4/C5.
Since the last operation (the large intestine, 7 years ago) he feels worse "in general", his lifestyle (like some diets in the past based only on lemon and oranges for a while ) don’t help ...

He had hepatitis from an infected blood transfusion (before the ‘80).

The doctor told him he has fibromyalgia and lately is having headaches, and is depressed about his condition and spends all day crying in bed. At night he can sleep only until 4 ‘o clock.
He also does't have a bowel movement, and need to take some pills if needs to.

My real question is, what about Qi / Xue / Yin / Yang when some organs have been " removed "? I guess that despite the lack of organs, remains the meridian where we can work on... I supposed those " ghosts " organs can be considered as Xu, but It’s possible to tonify them or being missing there’s nothing to do?


My general recommendation to you is to not too closely associate the "organ system/meridian" with the "physical organ" - there is often a limited relationship. Certainly not having a particular organ has little or no bearing on the workings of the organ system/meridian. In fact, for diagnosis and treatment planning it would probably be best to just forget that you even know anything about the state of his physical organs. Just use the tools of TCM and diagnose and treat as appropriate based on our tools. Someone could easily not have a spleen and not even remotely be spleen deficient - lots of people are particularly healthy with no seeming effect on longevity with one kidney - so no signs of kd qi deficiency.

For him make sure you properly choose between excess/heat signs and deficiency. In other words, don&#39t assume deficiency just because of his story where there may not be as much as you think initially (red tongue, constipation, the energy to cry "all day", fibromyalgia (instead of simple weakness), etc.


Thank you Chad,

actually I have another question, he&#39s got a Jueyin headache, and I learned that one of the point in this case is GV20, but whenever I put a needle in this point, would cause him "instant headache". For what I know this point help to balance Yin/ Yang.

....In general I see him like he has more Yang then Yin (insomnio, constipation, strong depression, jueyin headache)..

Today he told me that the headache started when he had a car crash and he bang his head. He had various X-ray from time to time to check his head but they don&#39t see anything wrong.

...what if I try this combination KI1+PC8+GV20+CV4? Did someone try it? Could it help to balance the whole body? (at least to treat depression, insomnio and headache).

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