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Ming Men

What is the origin/nature and role of Ming Men ( GV4) in Qi Gong theory?

I'm trying to make sense of the conversion of Essence into Qi which seems to underpin much of Qi Gong theory. I'll try to keep my preamble brief but this is where i'm at in trying to piece this together...

It is said that Essence in its prenatal aspect is fixed and is instrumental in the unfolding of the life cycle, the maturation process. Whereas acquired Essence derived from physical, emotional, intellectual stimulation can modify the developmental process. Fine.

Prenatal Essence resides in the Kidneys and postnatal Essence resides in the 'external kidneys' (testes/ovaries) and is fundamentally the potency derived from within the hormonal system, the sexual fluids being particularly valuable.

Qi Gong seeks to convert Essence into Qi to vitalise the Zang Fu and illuminate the Shen.
I take it that this refers to the postnatal Essence?

Original Qi derives, itself, from the Essence and might be said to be Essence in a more dynamic phase.The catalyst for this transformation Essence to Qi is Ming Men.

What then is Ming Men, a yang aspect of Essence or Original Qi. What is its origin and nature? Can it be strengthened postnatally too.etc etc.

With thanks

I am not entirely sure I understand what you are looking for with your question but my sense is that looking at the Ming Men as a function instead of a location may cause some confusion. My understanding is that the Ming Men is simply an area where, due to channel confluences, a person may be strengthened or weakened. If you eat well, exercise, balance your emotions, etc. your qi should flow smoothly and as it is "stored" in the dantien/mingmen area it is more available to manage disruptions, balance health, and for martial arts and spiritual pursuits. The ming men to me is just this location and not a function that can be strengthened per se. Rather it is the concept behind the area where various channels cross and store energy naturally.

In my mind, every aspect of the body can be strengthened with the building and conservation of post-natal qi. And this, as you point out, is the role of qi gong and a multitude of other practices, habits, and techniques. In general terms the more you do not overuse the qi you create and maintain from proper lifestyle, exercise, etc. the less you "tap" into the pre-natal qi (or jing, or essence). Just like weight loss eventually comes down to the calories in vs. calories out equation - long term health comes to the post-natal qi development and stored vs. post-natal qi used equation. When you overstep the boundary (through illness, poor diet, etc.) you tap into the pre-natal qi and, technically, shorten your lifespan.

With regards to the nature of the ming men, I believe this area comes from the development of the channels during the growth of the fetus. Again, my understanding is that it is more a location based on confluences than a function or an "organ" for lack of a better description.

I hope I didn't entirely miss the point of what you were asking!

Chad thankyou for finding the time to reply. Excuse me while i set the field, words pah, so long winded!

In response to your message i take your point but
Q:Which determines which, form or function?
-they're mutually arising and not exclusive, and in TCM terms, at least according to acupuncture, Ming Men clearly has both a precise location lumbar 2-3 and a precise set of actions.

What i was wondering was how in Qi Gong theory does Ming Men operate because its actions are seen in a different perspective, although the TCM model still offers a valid framework. It seems in acupuncure Ming Men is very clearly defined but in Qi Gong it is somewhat nebulous, at least to me!

Now in Qi Gong we regulate our Qi through Physical posture and movement, Breathing and Mental focus. So Ming Men can be stimulated through bodily alignment; tucking in the tailbone etc, and breathing; using diaphragmatic compression respiration and by the mind through visualisation/attentional strategies.

But moreover, Ming Men is seen as a spinal gate connecting to our lower Dan Tian. Ming Men also has an intimate connection with Essence and the Kidneys. And it is in this guise that I am interested! Finally!!

I want to know specifically how it is resposible for the conversion of Essence into Qi in Qi Gong practice, and what sort of a mechanism it is etc.

In Qi Gong theory Ming Men assumes a significant position that is missing in acupuncture theory. As for that matter does YinTang which is an extra point and not even on the GV channel? Also Huiyin...But let's stick to Ming Men for now!

Hope this clarifies my position. Regards

Hi just thought i would put some thoughts down for you.

When you are born, at the time when sperm meets egg, this cell is your first cell and is your tantien, energy centre. this is where life begins for us and will always be the energy centre. The spine is the energy path to the rest of your body and mingmen is the start of the path or the door of life. Directly to the right, left are the kidneys and in front the tantien but they are all the same place of oint where breath goes. They reunite. The breath when breathed into the kidneys stregthens them and thus opens mingmen and alows the energy to raise up the spine. The spine needs to be relaxed and upring and sank down ontop of each other.

The sperm is the catalyst for all bodily processes, without good hormone things work slower and you grow old and week.

Mingmen is not a catalyst the sperm from the kidneys are, qi moves through mingmen and can be strengthened by making the kineys stronger.

Lower body yang, upper yin. Two ends of the spine. Pineal is responsible for hormone generation.

hope this helps and happy to answer more questions.

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