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Migraine/Sinus Infection


Submitted By: Patriceshep


Can I take Pian Tou Tong Wan for migraines and Bi Yan Pian for sinus infection at the same time? Are there any contraindications?


First, you should always consult with a practitioner locally for treatment. We cannot stress this enough to not attempt treatment by yourself.

Chinese Medicine is not a "this is for "x"" and "this is for "y"" type of medicine. Because of that standardized answers about what might be compatible in a given individual do not generally exist - or would be so generalized that they are not all that useful. For more on this please read "What Does Acupuncture Treat?" to better understand the diagnostic framework.

Now, to give you a generalized answer if you have a sinus infection you would in most cases clear that first using perhaps bi yan wan perhaps with gan mao ling, yin qiao or possibly even xiao chai hu tang in certain situations. After the sinus infection is clear you would work to resolve the underlying conditions leading to migraine.


Thanks for the advice.


I was taking an Shen bu xin wan for anxiety/ insomnia and also bi yan pian for allergies. I have a underlying yeast issue that i am trying to get resolved and taking herbs for that. I started to feel worse so I went to the doctor and he prescribed me amoxillician and said I had a sinus infection. Since most sinus infections are viral, I don&#39t known if the antibiotics will do me any good. I want to know if I can continue to take my Chinese herbs while taking the amoxicillin? Are there any interactions?

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