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Method of Diagnosis


I would like to know from your past experiences about best approach to identify any disease or disorder. As we know there are multiple ways to determine the cause such as etiology, five element theory, energy analysers (electronic device), pulse or tongue diagnosis, depending on patients symptoms and etc.

What is the first choice of any practitioner? What is efficient and reliable way?

I apply pressure on myself and they work well for me. But still curious to know and widen my knowledge in this area.


I think this all really depends on the individual practitioner and what methods they have been trained in and what systems they use. In general I would simply state that it is often a poor idea to weigh too much on a single diagnostic signs - so instead you often use multiple approaches and see if they are all coming back with a similar diagnosis. More clearly, you don’t just rely on the tongue, or the pulse, or palpation, but collectively, along with the patients history and symptoms, they should all be pointing in the same general direction.

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