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Meth Baby (now child)


I was hoping to gets some information on how to help a child that had a drug addicted mother. A friend of mine adopted 4 siblings and the youngest boy, who is now 8, has a lot of problems with impulse control. His behavior is making it hard for them to bond and they are thinking of sending him away to a boys ranch when he turns ten. He's on aderall right now and she just started him on a G-C Free diet that she claims isn't helping. This boy has a kind heart and has never done anything to hurt others...he'll do things like pee on the wall and cuts holes in his shirt and mattresses. I hate to see him sent away and never get the help he needs...Any information is appreciated...Thank you so much.


Issues like this child had with the birth mother and with early development most often involve harm to the kidney system from a Chinese Medicine perspective. Acupuncture based on proper diagnosis and point selection, of course, can be very helpful. Most often, however, we use pearl powder for these issues, particularly in children 12 and under (afterwards it is usually more complicated and involves different herbal formulas). Pearl powder (we have it in tablets that disolve and in capsules) is very well tolerated and works very well for these range of issues. Many children in our clinic use these for awhile some with acupuncture, some without, and then most get off of their add/adhd medicines in a fairly short period of time (3-9 months usually).


I would concur with Chad that some tonification of the child&#39s kidney system is in order. I&#39ve worked as a RN for years before becoming a DOM, and meth use during pregnancy can affect the kidney, especially kidney yin. The pearl powder would certainly be a good herbal treatment. I would also revisit the use of Adderall, which is itself a combination of two potent amphetamines. Logically, it would seem that whatever effect the meth has on the fetus in utero, the Adderall would would have, though perhaps to a lesser extent, on the child. Meth babies are hyperactive and easily agitated, and it sounds like this child has at least the hyperactivity. One thing I do know--- if the stimulants given for ADD/ADHD are working, the hyperactivity and poor impulse control is noticibly reduced, not exacerbated. I would certainly discuss the use of the drug with the MD again; no drug works on everybody.


I concur with the previous two posts that since the little boy is a meth baby, his Kidney organ was never properly nourished in-utero and beyond. A strong tonification of his Kidneys is in order and I would look at the Heart as well. In a lot of ADHD cases that I&#39ve seen, there is also some heat somewhere, so look for that too. Manic behavior is evidence of that Heart Heat.

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