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Meridian Pen / Electronic Acupoint Massager with Laser/ Electronic Acupuncture Tendon Retractor Rod

Hi, I want to ask what is the opinion on energy meridian pens (electric with a laser)? I have one and it helps me to relieve muscle tension, it visibly stimulates the meridians as it makes the area pulsate and sometimes an area away from the point stimulated on the meridian.

Is this method effective for restoring balance in the merdians? Am I calming the meridian, or stimulating it? Could it be harmful or counterproductive?

I am not an acupuncturist just have an interest in acupuncture and the points and how it works… So still learning. Wondering could the use of a merdian pen be as effective as needles?


-Emilia W

One of the benefits of acupuncture is the stimulation of multiple points at once and the synergy in effects that is contributed to. This cannot be done without acupuncture.

Now whether or not a certain device, plain acupressure, a single needle, etc. is any more or less effective than the other, I don’t think anyone really knows. In my mind, the biggest thing is to know what exactly you are stimulating, why - in very precise terms, and what your intended outcome is. Even for fully trained acupuncturists choosing points with deep theoretical precision will have differences in results and this, to at least some degree in my opinion, is based on their intent and what they “know” is going to happen from their treatment. Without this “knowing”, I can’t say nothing will happen because that is not true, but I do think less will happen.

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