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Mental Disorder


How do ! calm my mad patiennt down in order to

administer acupuncture treatment.


I'm curious whether the patient gets more agitated after you begin needling or before? What I recommend will depend greatly on the answer to that question.... If the patient becomes more agitated after you start needling it is most often your needling technique or the points you are using (less likely). If it is before you start then you can try engaging the patient in some breathing exercises or anything that helps them to calm down (ask them what it is that helps). If they are so agitated that you cannot treat them, medical qi gong/energy work is probably best until they improve to the point that a treatment is possible.


Getting them to focus on their feet can be useful. Have them lie down and press with your thumbs into Kid1 while they concentrate on this point. Also, check their breathing, chances are it is rapid and shallow, in which case ask them to take slower deeper breaths, and more into the lower abdomen than high into the chest.

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