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Menstruation pain for teenager


My 13-year old daughter suffers from very intense and very painful menstruation cycles. On the first day of her cycle she usually ends up in a fetal position in tears and in a great deal of pain. Unfortunately, the only relief my wife and I have come up with is mass quantities of ibuprofen which I’m extremely uncomfortable with as a long-term solution and a heating pad. She missed several school days this past year and generally has a very difficult time with this. I’m looking for something which will help her on a monthly basis that doesn’t involve pharmaceutical. Any ideas or suggestions??


Dysmenorrhea is very commonly treated and in most cases completely resolved within 2-6 months with Chinese Medicine. Our dysmenorrhea treatment page has some of the more common approaches from a practitioner perspective. Long story short I strongly suggest you consult directly with a licensed acupuncturist in your area, ideally one who also practices Chinese herbal medicine and give them around 3 months. It is generally pretty straightforward, particularly the younger the patient is.


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