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Menopause insomnia related to room temp


This is my first post. I am interested in improving sleep quality now that I am in midlife. Even though I have very few hot flashes I can’t sleep in a room warmer than 67 F. Is there an acupressure point that would help? I realize this is an acupuncture site. Thanks. Bailey


It would be best for you over the long run to see a fully trained and licensed practitioner of Chinese Medicine to receive comprehensive care for these issues. Acupressure is useful for a subset of minor issues with these issues being beyond what you can accomplish with a home treatment. Acupressure on SP 10 and HT 7 could be helpful, but again, if you were to properly address these issues with an acupuncturist, once they are familiar with your case they would be able to make more individual recommendations. For more ideas about how acupuncture is not a point to condition modality - read What Does Acupuncture Treat?... this explores pattern differentiation in treatment with Chinese Medicine vs. treating symptoms. And you shouldn&#39t use this without first consutling someone directly, but a formula such as Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan can often be extremely helpful for symptoms like this if your underlying pattern is appropriate for it.

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