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Menopause / Hypertension Qi Deficiency

Question: I am working with a 62 year old client who has had menopausal symptoms of hot flashes with sweating several times a day or night, everyday since she was 47 years old.

Pulse: 56- 60 bpm, low vitality to pulse- Qi deficient, thread
Tongue: Pale, scalloped with reddish tip and sides and thin whitish/yellow coat

She has uncomfortable feelings of heat in the body, difficulty staying asleep, dull thinking, apathy, signs of deficient blood, depression and anxiety.

Her doctor has her on 3 Blood pressure medications and one cholesterol medication.
Her supplements includeVitamin D3 -5000 i.u., flaxseed oil 1000
mg and tumeric 1000mg

She is allergic to Amoxicillian, Cipro, Morphine and Bandage adhesives and seafood

She appears to be both Kidney yin and yang deficient with deficient heat and also has signs of blood deficiency.

My inclination is to start simple with the herbal formulas considering her medications. I would want to tonify the Kidney Yin & Yang while nourishing the blood to reduce the symptoms of the ‘hot flashes and sweats’.

I am interested in any suggestions you may have.

And what is your question? What have you tried already, over what time period and with what results?

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