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Menopause hot flashes


What herbs can I use to combat hot flashes, it’s not pleasant at all making me irritated and fed up now, other symptoms are aches in Lower back, knees and especially hips please help if you can


Some of the more common options are found on our “treatment options for hot flashes” page. That said, Chinese Medicine is not chosen by the symptoms but by your root diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms. For more on that see “treating the cause and not the symptoms”. Because of this there are many formulas that may be helpful, but only one that is completely appropriate for you at this point in time.

You will get the absolute best result by consulting directly with a licensed acupuncturist and combining properly prescribed Chinese Herbal Medicine with acupuncture.


Thank you for the reply, I will take this in to account and book in with a TCM practitioner soon.



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