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Menopause and weight gain


I am a for healthy water 55 year old female finished menopause no children and I am;
Always tired
Put on tummy and love handle weight
Putting weight on even though I work out and eat healthy
Always constipated
Do t drink alcohol or coffee
No smoking or drugs
Please please please help me with taking something


Certainly hormonal issues are very commonly treated with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Our menopause treatment page has some of the more common approaches for acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Proper treatment, however, requires proper diagnosis within Chinese Medicine terms - for more on this see (“treating the cause vs the symptoms”). To get a proper recommendation, then, you should consult with a licensed practitioner in your area. You will generally get the best results with both acupuncture and properly chosen herbal medicine and you should see positive changes within 2-5 months.

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