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Do you know specific acupoints for melanoma and any herbs that would be good.


I use the Tam Healing System and Tong Ren Therapy for all types of Cancers. The system was developed to fill our perceived weaknesses in more standard TCM treatments for the treatment of cancer. For the acupuncture aspect of cancer treatment we utilize the main points listed within the Tam Healing treatment protocol section plus some variants of what you would use based on a general TCM diagnosis. The difference in the theories is a greater focus on the scientifically understood cause and functional development of cancer, rather than using an overall TCM diagnosis. For melanoma you can read our Tong Ren Therapy treatment for Melanoma section. For a more complete understanding of our treatments for Cancer, however, I would recommend reading the text Tong Ren for Cancer.

With regards to herbal treatment, we generally do not use herbs for the treatment of cancer. In part this is because many patients may be taking western drugs and the interactions are unclear. For the most part, however, it is because our system has high rates of success and herbal intervention along with the use of our system does not appear to raise the results and it risks possible complications.


Hi Chad J. Dupuis,

First off, congratulations for this amazing web site which is highly useful for us acupuncture practitioners.

I am from Chile and I&#39m new on Tong Ren but I am currently aware of the nuts and bolts of the therapy by reading the Lazy bum&#39s healing and Tong Ren healing system book. I have ordered the hammer and a doll as well and I understand the principles of the Ton Ren fundamentals.

You know in Chile this system is roughly understood and those ones that are already certified acupuncturists feel reluctant to go in details and see it with some of contempt and doubt. Not my opinion. Besides, I firmly believe that there hardly is a Tong Ren certified prectitioner here so I want to be one of the first so I need some feedback and advice on how to get it.


Please read, "how to learn tong ren therapy". Technically Master Tam and others offer certification, but it&#39s not necessary. He just offers it after attending a seminar but it is no indication per se of understanding the system. Just learn it and use it and don&#39t worry about the paper certification. Although if you ever get a chance to attend one of his seminars in person or online they are well worth it.



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