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Medication for fibromyalgia


Is there a cure for fibromyalgia?


Yes, many things are shown to be helpful and certainly Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, are among those things. That said, in Chinese Medicine term “fibromyalgia” is functionally useless. We are concerned with deeper patterns in the body that lead to what might be called fibro in the western sense. Treatment, then, is tailored to the individual not to the term/condition (see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for more on that).

Our fibromyalgia treatment section has some of the more common underlying diagnoses in Chinese Medicine terms and some basic approaches to the condition from a practitioners perspective. The blog article “understanding and treating fibromyalgia from an acupuncture perspective” also provides some further details.

It is very commonly treated by the vast majority of acupuncturists as we tend to see conditions with have poor results from western interventions the most. It can be quick to resolve or slow depending on a host of factors, but generally within 5-10 treatments you would see improvement in the vast majority of cases.


I get asked that a lot by my patients and for a long time I simply said I do not know. However, they have informed me by treatment that it can and will get better with treatment. Depending on its source, it may take longer or shorter. In Chinese Medicine we often say 1 disease many treatments and 1 treatment many diseases. Why? Because we do our best to identify the underlying pattern that is the cause, then we treat that pattern. Sometimes the pattern shifts to another pattern as it resolves. We shift our treatment and keep following that pattern until it resolves.


I have found that it is very important to rule out Lyme disease which I realize is very hard to get an accurate blood reading from most labs. Igenex in Calif. is still the best and does take medicare but not other insurances (unless by now that has changed). I have 2 clients who, by being persistent, finally got diagnosed with Lyme and once treatments began the “fibromyalgia” improved.

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