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Massage Programs In Vermont


Hi there. I am looking to attend massage school and am thinking about going to a school in Vermont. I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on attending school in Vermont seeing as it is a state without and of their own regulations. Also, if anyone has a recommendation on programs to look into in Vermont, that would be appreciated. I'm most interested in programs that have a strong focus in Eastern massage and medicine. Thanks so much everyone.



There are only a handful of programs that cater entirely to eastern forms of bodywork. The aobta has a list here and the one that is closest to you (MA) (and the only one in the area with a full eastern bodywork focus) is the shiatsu program at karuna healing arts center.

Outside of what you -want- to learn you also need to be concerned with where you may want to practice and be aware of the requirements in those areas. Some states will not offer massage licenses to those with shiatsu training (sometimes it&#39s an hours issue), some require lots of hours and have very specific requirements and others have little or no regulation. So find some schools that you are interested in and talk with their admissions program and other students about potential issues with licensure.

If you are deeply interested in eastern medicine, acupuncture school (while far more time and finance intensive) is an ideal way to get the required training.

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