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Marking acu points



I was wondering, it is ''safe'' to mark acu points with a regular ink pen before inserting needle in that spot?


Is it safe* not it is :)


I wouldn&#39t do that. While nothing serious is likely to happen - technically if you are needling through the ink you are in effect transferring the ink and any other bacteria, etc. below the skin which can lead to infection and/or reactions.


Thought so. Again, thanks a million!


The safe alternative to regular pens are surgical pens. These non-toxic skin markers are available in most medical supply outlets and even on They may be under "tattoo supplies", but are just as hygenic and safe.

I know a L.Ac / M.D. who uses these surgical pens to mark ashi point along a channel, and then inserts a distal point (usually jing well points) and more proximal points and then stimulates the two points until tenderness in the ashi points dissipates. I know that&#39s not the same as inserting a needle into the marked spot, but I figured it was a somewhat relevant story to share anyways.

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